Terms & Conditions

1.            The client warrants that the event details and personal details are true and correct.

2.            The client accepts responsibility to inform the company of any alterations and/or cancellations of any event details and/or personal details.

3.            The client accepts responsibility to confirm and pay all outstanding monies two weeks prior to the event.

4.            Any extra charges occurred on behalf of the company at the clients request, is the responsibility of the client. i.e. permits, etc.

5.            Any hours over and above the nominated contract time will be charged at overtime. Overtime (including waiting time) will be charged

at $200 for the Merc Limo, $300 for the Porsche Limo, $100 for convertibles and $75 for Sedans per half an hour.

6.            “Exoticar euro luxury hire” reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger(s) or goods at any time.

7.            “Exoticar euro luxury hire” and/or the drivers/contractors will take every care possible, but liability of Exoticar euro luxury hire

and/or drivers/contractors  in the event of an accident, illness, death, malfunctions of vehicles and/or accessories, malfunction

of power convertible roofs, damage to vehicles and/or accessories, theft and/or fire of vehicles and/or accessories of equipment

or other failure or non-performance of the company DOES NOT constitute a breach of contract. The company is only limited to

refund to the client a portion or all monies paid for any particular vehicle for any particular event.

8.            A minimum deposit of $500 for the Merc Limo, $600 for the Porsche Limo, $250 for all convertibles and $200 for all sedans required at time

of booking all vehicle(s).

9.            If a cancellation occurs within 90 days of event, the client agrees to pay the full contracted amount.

10.          NO DEPOSIT under any circumstance is refundable, including phone orders. By way of completed

personal and event details and approved credit card transaction - the client has entered into a binding agreement.

11.          10% GST is included in all accounts.

12.          Final payment will only be accepted in form of cash, direct bank transfer, bank cheque or authorised credit card transaction with CCV number.




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